well, we had quite the weekend.

I spent all of Saturday working on projects to post on this lil ol’ blog, and then…Saturday night…Baby Bear decided she’d had enough. I had done way too much that day for her liking, and she went ahead and gave us a little scare.

I’m back home, and she’s still resting comfortably inside my big ol belly, but my oh my, did she get her point across.  I’ll behave Baby Bear, I will take it easy


Pediatrician Recommendation?

I’m looking for advice.  What kind of questions do you ask when picking a pediatrician?  I’ve never “shopped” for a doctor before. I’m a big person, and if I don’t like the doctor, I go to another one, no big deal.  This little person is going to be so delicate and tiny, what if the doctor makes a mistake? You can’t just “undo” something as easily with a newborn as an adult…

ugh…this parenthood thing is getting tough already and the baby isn’t even here yet!

Day 21 of living back at the parents house.  Things have been going good so far, but I feel like I am hitting a wall.  I looked at Ryan today and said…”I want to go home”…and I meant it.

I had a great run earlier, if I hadn’t, I think I would have put my shoes on and took off…and i’m not sure when I would have come back…

Avocado, 3 cheese grilled cheese

Woooo! Laughing cow Swiss, Gorgonzola, American cheese, avocado, whole wheat bread. Life is good.


How do you know when your house is the right house? Is it a feeling? I don’t know. All I know is tht we think we found ours today.’ There was something about it that felt like it was “ours@. And if was so cool! This house is so cool! Cooler than we are, lol!