Celebrity Gossip

I have a full-time job, a part-time job, and coach a baton twirling team on Wednesday nights and some Sundays.  Even with all of this going on, I still some how, find the time to keep up with celebrity gossip.  This is not something I am proud of.  I could be spending my time doing more productive things than following where the latest outbreak of “Bieber fever” has hit, or that Tiger Woods cheated on his wife, or that Kristen may or may not be doing drugs.

Somehow though, every morning, I make my regular news circuits…Newsday.com, NBCNewYork.com, NYDailyNews.com, USMagazine.com, People.com, etc…

Maybe it’s an escape from the mundane life that I am living…there is something exciting about celebrities, something that makes them not like regular people.  But when you think about it, they are just that, ordinary people with extraordinary talents in some area.  And maybe, while I am finding out what my “extraordinary” talent is to provide to the world, I can see what their talents are and get some ideas.

Till next time, I’ll be checking up on Bret Michael’s health status…


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runner, professional smiler, New Yorker, baker, home-owner, event planner, knitter, reader, crocheter, writer, fun, out-of-place cowgirl, trying to maintain my sanity in a corporate world

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