So when I last wrote a post it was “this september is going to be different, i’m going to make something of it” blah blah blah…guess who kept putting it off until it was September 7th…me…

I can’t seem to committ to anything these days. I hit “snooze” on my morning alarm, I have been resetting outlook reminders, I have a “things to do” list a mile long, unlistened to messages on my voicemail, and I don’t blog every day like I should…

you know what…today is the day I STOP procrastinating (at least for today, let’s not get ahead of ourselves)

I will attempt each item on my things to do list
I will blog EVERY day this week
I will listen to my voicemails
and tomorrow…I WILL NOT snooze my alarm!

…Wish me luck…


About ohsix25eleven

runner, professional smiler, New Yorker, baker, home-owner, event planner, knitter, reader, crocheter, writer, fun, out-of-place cowgirl, trying to maintain my sanity in a corporate world

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