Apple Season

There’s nothing better in the fall, then putting on your Uggs, grabbing a chunky sweater, and going apple picking early on a Sunday morning before football starts…
At least not to me

To me, the fall is all about these things. Growing up my mom would make this delicious apple crisp, that I would spend days staring at, trying to figure out what was in it to make it taste so much better than other mom’s recipes (her secret—lots and lots of sugar)

And Sunday nights, her and I, talking about our weeks, each of us having a piece of it.

It is these things that I look forward to every year, and these things that remind me that I am more than just the title on my business card, more than just a faceless person behind an email address, more than just that girl that handles our marketing. I am a person, with a heart, and a family, and people who love me.

And that is what encourages me to get through the week, makes me curl up into my chunky sweater, and sit on that couch with my family watching football, and enjoy a good ol’ fashioned Sunday Dinner…complete with apple crisp.


About ohsix25eleven

runner, professional smiler, New Yorker, baker, home-owner, event planner, knitter, reader, crocheter, writer, fun, out-of-place cowgirl, trying to maintain my sanity in a corporate world

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