separation of work and state

My fiance and I get along gloriously.  If I were stuck on a desert island he would be the first person I would put on my “top 5” list (followed closely by 4 other people who could help us get off of said island).

That being said, I have always been one of those people who said you should never sh*t where you eat, never work with your family, never work with your friends.  My work life and my personal life have always remained separate (with a few work disasters in my past).  I can not understand how these couples drive to and from work every day, work 8 hours next to this person, eat lunch with them, and then go home to them.  As much as I love my Fiance, I just think that we would run out of things to talk about.

Well, tomorrow, I get my chance to experience this.  My job is throwing a Halloween party for local kids, and, surprise, surprise, we are short staffed (I work in an office of 10 people, and there are 800 people coming—eek!)

So, that’s where spouses/friends etc, come in.  Call in all of your favors.  Remember that time I helped you move in return for Pizza and beer?  You’re working. Remember that time I drove you to the airport and hung out with you for 3 hours while your plan was delayed?  You’re working.  Remember that time you called me from some random guys house and I had to sneak you out the back door before he woke up?  You’re working.

So, tomorrow is D-Day.  Will I eat my words and realize how fantastic it is to spend every waking moment with your friends and family?  Or will I be proven right…


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runner, professional smiler, New Yorker, baker, home-owner, event planner, knitter, reader, crocheter, writer, fun, out-of-place cowgirl, trying to maintain my sanity in a corporate world

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