or the time we almost got kicked out of our apartment.

Hurricane Irene was en route to Long Island, and Adam, Prisha and Wally was in the mandatory evacuation zone area.  So we said "come on by...we'll have a sleepover!"

Sounds like a good plan right?  NO.  Our building doesn't allow dogs, and let's face it, no one was going to tell someone that they couldn't bring their evacuated dog into the apartment, but i'm a nervous nelly (shocking, right)  and thus  began the longest night...

the poor dog, every time he barked I would cringe, i'm sure he doesn't love me anymore, but we've since reconnected outside of the fear of me becoming homeless and i'm pretty sure he's forgiven me.

but the crazy night didn't end there!  The storm blew out a transformer behind our building and set the trees behind our building on fire, kind o
f crazy...but thankfully no one got hurt!  

Irene did take her toll though, and the damage was pretty bad.  we are all very thankful nothing serious happened to us.
My parents had some minor damage, just trees down...

and one broken table
So because my poor mom is still recovering from her broken leg, Ryan and I got to work.  Within 15 minutes we were all cleaned up
All clean!
So again, Irene didn't do any damage that couldn't be easily cleaned up, and we are very thankful!  What about any of you?  Any Hurricane Irene stories?

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