Dump the frump

I am very torn between missing summer, and being excited for the fall.  I mean, I love the beach, but I have been known to get down with some boots and sweaters.

So here it is.  My attempt at embracing the fall season.

Ryan and I went through our clothes yesterday and donated anything that didn’t fit us, it child not be tailored to fit us.  If we didn’t wear it this past summer, in the donate pile it went.  I wish I would have taken pictures of the bags of items that we donated, but take my word for it, it was a lot.

Then we went out and replenished what we needed for work clothes.  Nothing too crazy, we are still on a budget, but you would be surprised to realize just how good wearing a new, well fitting dress to work feels.  It even helps with productivity.  I feel more alive and more powerful.  Its probably all in my head, but I’m not going to turn it away!

Have any of you gotten any good deals on clothing lately?  What about  doing any fall clean out?  I’d love to hear about it.


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runner, professional smiler, New Yorker, baker, home-owner, event planner, knitter, reader, crocheter, writer, fun, out-of-place cowgirl, trying to maintain my sanity in a corporate world

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