Moving is fun!

Where is that sarcasm font when you need it…




This could very well be the last time I get to embarrass you in our first house. I love you bear. And I love that you always go “couch sleepies” around 9:30 on Friday nights…


“One of the disconcerting parts of working in a large company is that you often get caught up in a frenzy of activity doing things that don’t have a direct bearing on the real world”
-Pamela Slim, Escape from Cubicle Nation

I know exactly what you mean Pamela…

New Years

Suck it 2012. Bring it on 2013!


Mom: I’m not a Donald Duck fan
Me: ok, we’ll maybe other people on the bus are
Mom: well, I’m just letting them know

So for hose of you keeping track, Likes: Fritos, Dislikes: Donald Duck

You know what this means…..VACATION!


Sometimes your Monday needs a little Starbucks and Sparkle!